What your support means for local victims & survivors

Dear Friend,

Your support makes it possible for more than 5,000 local abuse victims and their children to walk through our doors each year and receive the protection, counseling, legal advocacy, and critical resources they need to heal from trauma and empower their lives.

Your support ensures that safety has no price in Livingston County, and that all abuse victims and survivors have full access to critical services at no charge.

Your support is the reason LACASA’s community-wide education, awareness and prevention programs reach more than 50,000 students and adults in Livingston County each year.

It is because of you that LACASA Center is the only agency of its kind in the state—and one of just a few in the nation—that provides all services for victims and their families under one roof. This reduces trauma for victims and survivors. It also makes sound economic sense, eliminating duplicate facility and operational costs, and ensuring that your donation directly funds essential services.

It is because of you that victims and survivors come out of the shadows, defeat shame and self-blame, and seek the help they need to advocate for themselves and their children.

As a friend of LACASA, we want to share with you that the need for our programs and services has grown exponentially over the last several years. In fact, we have been bursting at the seams and our Board of Directors determined that a new facility was imperative in order to serve victims, survivors and the community.

We have embarked on building a new facility at a new location that will provide our clients with the safety, security and confidentiality they need to recover from trauma with dignity.  In 2023, we will make a public announcement about this exciting forever home and ask  for your support.

In the meantime, your donation this season will make a difference in the lives of victims and survivors from our community as they rebuild their lives.

Our independent, locally based nonprofit organization could not fulfill its mission without the generous support from people like you. As always, your donation to LACASA stays right here at home. Thank you!

With warm regards,

Patricia Claffey
LACASA Board of Directors Chair

Bobette Schrandt
LACASA President & CEO

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