Jan Taylor and Thomas Kellogg

Kellogg Charitable Wedding Registry

Two hearts will be joined on August 17, 2019, when Jan Taylor and Thomas Kellogg exchange wedding vows at RaOna Acres in Williamston, Michigan.

The Kellogg Family enthusiastically supports the work of LACASA Center and they humbly request that in lieu of wedding gifts, invited guests consider making a donation to help victims of abuse at LACASA.

Guests can give a gift in three ways:
  • Select an item or items on the Registry
  • Make a cash donation online or bring a check to tuck in the nuptial box at the wedding (Please make checks payable to LACASA)
  • Shop for any items listed in the lower section of the Registry and bring them on the day of the wedding. The Kelloggs are donating a much-needed cargo trailer to LACASA, and all gifts for the agency will be placed inside the trailer for delivery after the wedding.
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