Our Youth Prevention Department is working with teens in area high schools to increase awareness about the myths and misinformation surrounding sexual assault and ways to support and advocate for survivors.

LACASA Center’s Teen Advisory Council develops a new campaign each year, which is designed specifically to reach teens at local high schools in Livingston County. Awareness activities are held at the high schools in early spring to spark conversations leading up to National Sexual Assault Awareness Month, which is in April.

The theme for this year’s campaign is “We are Empowered.” Awareness and information tables are set up during school lunch periods. LACASA staff, teen council members and trained volunteers host the tables and help display and distribute materials, including:

  • Extra-large framed posters for display throughout the year
  • Smaller posters to place in restrooms, where students can discreetly write down LACASA’s website address, 24-hour Helpline, and general contact information
  • Wrist bands with the campaign message: “We are Empowered, Strong, Proud, Inspired”
  • An interactive white board where students are invited to write down what empowerment means to them and what they value about themselves
  • Information cards that include facts about sexual assault, ways to create social change, and how to help a friend who has experienced sexual violence

Members of LACASA’s Teen Advisory Council include:

  • Brighton High School: Macy Goller and Julia Gray
  • Hartland High School: Kelsey MacGregor and Gracie Payne
  • Howell High School:  Ally Boss, Mikaela Dunn, Holly Humphries, Grace Mahon, Cas Morris, Reanne Szafranski, and Jenna Wincher
  • Kensignton Woods: Faith Williams
  • Pinckney High School: Samantha White
  • Virtual School: Nina Michalak

“Each school has been amazing, with students providing incredible feedback,” said Kayla Grant, LACASA’s Youth Prevention Coordinator. “We have a highly active teen council. These students bring a passion to the issues and they dedicate many hours advocating for survivors and working for change.”

The Youth Prevention Department and members of the advisory council present workshops and awareness activities at all area high schools. including:

  • Brighton High School
  • Fowlerville High School
  • Hartland High School
  • Howell High School
  • Howell Freshman Campus
  • Pinckney High School
  • Flex Tech High School
  • Kensington Woods High School
  • Non-traditional schools

If you would like to learn more about LACASA’s Youth Prevention programs, contact Kayla Grant at 517-548-1350 or email her at kgrant@lacasacenter.org.

Photo 1:  Teen Advisory Council Members at Howell High School – (From left) Mikaela Dunna, Jenna Wincher, Cas Morris, Grace Mahon, Reanne Szafranski, and Holly Humphries

Photo 2:  Teen Advisory Council Member at Brighton High School – Julia Gray

Photo 3:  Council Members at Fowlerville High School – (From left) Holly Humphries, Jenna Wincher, Grace Mahon, Cas Morris, and Mikaela Dunnn