Fleeing Violence. Seeking Safety.

Ana listened for her husband’s truck to pull out of the driveway and quickly woke up her four children. She had already packed their small duffle bags with basic things she knew would get them by in the coming days.

She drove to LACASA. It wasn’t until her sons and daughters were inside the building, behind locked doors, that she felt her fear begin to subside. She was scared about what was ahead of them, but relieved that she’d finally left behind a household filled with cruel rants and violent outbursts. 

Unfortunately, Ana soon learned that the LACASA’s shelter was full, which meant she and her children would need to stay off-site until space was available at the shelter. 

LACASA advocates quickly worked to find safe hoteling accommodations for the family. Rooms were scarce, and adjoining rooms were not available. For the next two weeks, Ana and her children lived in a single room with two beds while LACASA delivered daily meals and provided counseling support.

When space became available, LACASA staff helped move the family and their few belongings into the shelter. Ana later told a shelter advocate that it wasn’t until she and her children were settled behind the secure walls of LACASA that she truly felt safe.

LACASA designed its new forever home to make sure that what Ana experienced never happens again. Families in trauma shouldn’t be forced to endure more trauma while they await a safe place to call home.

Your support helps create a circle of protection around victims and their children.

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