Keeping Pets Safe from Abusers

Our Safe Pet Place allows victims of interpersonal violence to arrive at LACASA Center’s Crisis Shelter with their family pet(s). We offer cozy kennel facilities, which provide a temporary home for these little (and sometimes big) creatures.

LACASA Center is one of only a few shelters in the nation that provides a safe, on-site place for the family pets of victims. Our Safe Pet Place opened in 2002, more than a decade before other shelters began offering similar programs.

We have housed dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, and even an iguana. LACASA provides all food and supplies that pets may require during their stay with us. Families provide comfort, care and playtime with their pets.

Using pets as pawns

The threat of abuse against companion animals often is used as leverage by a controlling/violent member of the family to keep others in control, in-line or silent.

Independent studies show that 48 percent of battered spouses avoid leaving their homes—or have returned to their batterer—because they fear for the safety and welfare of their pets or livestock

Your generous contribution allows families to keep their pets close
during times of crisis. You can support our Safe Pet Place program
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Broken heart GraphicFast Facts

  • 71% of pet-owning women who entered shelters reported that their batterer injured, maimed, killed, or threatened the life of a family pet
  • 75% of those threats occurred in front of the family’s children
  • 21 states have enacted legislation that include provisions for pets in DV protection orders
  • 55% of domestic violence victims report that their pets are very important sources of emotional support, making threats against them particularly devastating