Smart Women’s Empowerment Features Our CEO

Katana Abbott of Smart Women’s Empowerment interviews Bobette Schrandt, LACASA President & CEO, for National Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day.

Listen, watch or read about how you can help empower victims and survivors of abuse and interpersonal violence.

Podcast: Listen to the “Stand Up Powerfully in the World” interview

Video: Watch the “Stand Up Powerfully in the World” interview

Blog: Read Bobette’s article “Help Empower Abuse Victims this Month”

ABOUT SMART WOMEN: Katana Abbott created Smart Women’s Empowerment to help women overcome difficult circumstances and move forward with confidence–both personally and financially. She is a Certified Financial Planner™ and has coached countless women on money, business, health, and happiness. Katana openly shares that she is a survivor of financial abuse and domestic violence. She is a long-time supporter of LACASA and has conducted a variety of workshops for abuse victims and survivors at our nonprofit organization. Smart Women’s Empowerment offers a free online community where women can gain valuable information through the Smart Women’s Academy. Learn more at