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LACASA Center has something to bark about!

LACASA Center has something to bark about!  We have an adorable black Labrador, Penny, who serves as a Court Advocacy Dog for our agency.

Penny provides a source of emotional support for child abuse victims who are receiving services through our Child Abuse Response Effort (CARE) and our Legal Advocacy Center.

The Leader Dogs for the Blind generously donated Penny to LACASA following stringent leader-dog training at its Rochester, MI facility.

LACASA works closely with the Canine Advocacy Program of Novi, a nonprofit organization that provides extensive training for advocacy dog placements.

Evidence demonstrates that court advocacy dogs help alleviate the anxiety children experience when involved in the criminal justice system.

These advocate/therapy dogs provide comfort to sexually abused children while they undergo forensic interviews. They also offer a sense of security when victims of child abuse and domestic violence testify in court.