Awareness Programs – Dating Abuse & Sexual Assault

We host a variety of educational programs in middle schools and high schools on interpersonal violence, dating abuse and sexual assault.

Our presentations help teens and young adults understand the myths and misconceptions surrounding these topics.  Students learn about the power of bystander intervention, the guideposts of healthy relationships, and ways to respond and react to abusive behaviors.

Each school determines the amount of class-time dedicated to these topics. If you would like to see your school offer more in-depth educational units provided by LACASA, please contact your school administrators and/or school board.

Senior Seminars – For Graduating Seniors

Our Senior Seminars are designed for students who are heading to college or into the workforce.

Seminars provide education, awareness and prevention information about dating abuse, dating violence and sexual assault. Students gain insights, knowledge and tools that will help prepare them to react and respond to potential situations involving abuse and interpersonal violence.

If you would like your high school to offer a LACASA Senior Seminar, please make a request to your school’s administration.

Speaking Engagements & Forums

We provide specialized presentations for teen youth groups, parent groups or community groups.

You can call us to arrange a presentation for your club, church group or organization about teen dating abuse prevention or teen sexual assault awareness.

Workshop: Shaken Baby Syndrome

Our Child Abuse Prevention Council offers workshops for teens who babysit or have siblings on the “Period of Purple Crying” and why you should never, ever shake a baby. Learn more >>

Workshop: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

This workshop, offered by our CAP Council, educates students about how abusing alcohol while pregnant causes serious birth defects.  Learn more >>

Contact Information

To learn more about our programs designed for teens and young adults, contact our Community Education Department at 517-548-1350 or email