You are not alone.
You are not to blame.

Our Sexual Assault Response Center is staffed by counselors, legal advocates and specially-trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners.

You can “Contact Us First” following an assault and we will serve as gatekeepers, allowing you the necessary time to make medical and legal decisions with the support of our team.

At our response center, your identity is protected and all forensic services and counseling programs are confidential and involve no fees.

The advantages of our center include:

  • Private – A secure, quiet setting unlike a public emergency room
  • Confidential – Your identity is protected; insurance is never involved
  • No cost — All services are provided at no charge
  • Choices – Guidance about medical options and legal decisions
  • Forensic exam – Provided by a specially-trained nurse examiner
  • Rape kit – You determine when and/or if it is submitted for testing
  • Crisis shelter – You may choose to stay in our shelter as you recover
  • Legal advocacy – We provide information about your options
  • Counseling – Immediate and ongoing counseling is available
  • Counseling group – You can participate in a survivor support group

All of our programs for sexual assault victims are available for both females and males.

Forensic exams must be conducted within 120 hours of an assault, however, survivors may seek out counseling services no matter how long ago the assault occurred.