2019 Statistics

How your support helps

Emergency shelter for abuse victims

Provided in shelter for children & adults

Nights of long-term Transitional Housing

Interviews for Child Abuse Response Effort

Served at our Sexual Assault Center

Reached at community education events

Domestic Violence Services

  • 5,059 nights of emergency housing provided in our Crisis Shelter
  • 15,177 meals provided for Crisis Shelter residents
  • 2,082 crisis calls answered on our 24-hour Help Line
  • 299 outbound crisis visits made by our On-Call Response Team
  • 9,938 nights of long-term housing provided by Transitional Housing Program
  • 236 domestic violence adult survivors received clinical services
  • 673 nights of animal shelter provided at our Safe Pet Place

Sexual Assault Services & Counseling

  • 251 individuals served by our Sexual Assault Response Center
  • 26 victims received sexual assault forensic exams

Legal Advocacy

  • 796 survivors received legal advocacy assistance
  • 102 victims assisted with developing safety plans
  • 67 victims assisted with Personal Protection Orders

Child Abuse Services

  • 209 forensic interviews conducted by our Child Abuse Response Effort (CARE) Team
  • 212 abused children received counseling services and clinical group services
  • 28 children referred for Trauma Assessments
  • 97 children served through (CASA) Court Appointed Special Advocates

Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) Council Programs

  • 1,154 people reached in Body Safety Training education program
  • 1,277 people reached in specialized child abuse prevention workshops/seminars
  • 329 nurse-led Period of Purple Crying prevention kits & presentations
  • 143 Infant Safe Sleep kits distributed to county residents
  • 1,009 people reached at Kids’ Fair & Baby Fair
  • 107 community Pinwheel Gardens planted for Child Abuse Prevention Month
  • 31,590 adults participated in April Child Abuse Prevention Month activities

Community Prevention Programs

For Adults

  • 117 community-wide education presentations conducted
  • 2,700 adults attended community education presentations

For Youth

  • 264 youth presentations made for teens
  • 8,294 teens reached through prevention and education classes
  • 19 community awareness events hosted on interpersonal violence including, dating abuse, sexual assault and domestic violence
  • 4,024 individuals reached at interpersonal violence presentations
  • 357 teen girls obtained dresses at Cinderella’s Closet events

For Families

  • 132 clients served by our Healthy Families home visiting program
  • 53 individuals served by Nurturing Parenting program
  • 11 men participated in the eight-week Father’s Only group
  • 165 individuals served by the Parent Coach program

Domestic Abuse Intervention Program (DAIP)

  • 121 assailants (106 males, 15 females) participated in DAIP counseling


  • 516 volunteers
  • 24,891 volunteer hours of service provided for LACASA