Transitioning Away from Abuse

Moving forward & rebuilding lives

LACASA’s Transitional Supportive Housing Program is available for abuse survivors and their children who meet eligibility requirements.

We provide off-site housing units where survivors can transition away from an abusive situation and into a new way of life.

Our Housing Coordinator provides support and resources for survivors as they move toward independence.

Abuse survivors may apply for this two-year program which enables survivor-families a time to heal and regain financial stability.

Fast Facts

  • Families uprooted by domestic violence are at their most vulnerable—emotionally and economically
  • Building a life safe from abuse takes time
  • Transitional housing programs provide stability, security and a support system
  • Families in transition gain self-esteem as they move forward with a sense of hope and accomplishment
  • Transitional housing helps survivors become economically self-sufficient