Reach out to our On-Call Team

Call our On-Call Response Team

In times of crisis, you may need confidential and objective support from trained advocates and volunteers.

Our On-Call Response Team provides 24-hour help for survivors when an assault is reported to police or medical personnel.

We may travel to a safe location to be with you, or ask you to come to LACASA Center. We will listen. We will acknowledge your experience. We will offer you support, resources and information including next steps and safety planning.

To receive help from our On-Call Response Team, contact our 24/7 Helpline by calling 866-522-2725 or texting 517-777-8005.

Our sole concern is your protection and well being. You are not alone.


LACASA’s On-Call Team assists over 300 abuse survivors in Livingston County each year. That is nearly one case per business day.

24/7  Helpline
Text 517.777.8005