Company Profile: Chem-Trend

About LACASA Mission Partner, Chem-Trend, Howell, MI

Founded in 1960, Chem-Trend is a global organization focused on delivering value-added solutions to improve quality, reduce costs and boost the productivity of molding and casting operations.

Chem-Trend offers a globally integrated network of experienced, knowledgeable and insightful production and technical experts in all major manufacturing regions around the world. Chem-Trend serves global manufacturers through offices in North America, South America, Asia and Europe.

As a member of the Freudenberg Group, Chem-Trend adheres to the group’s “Guiding Principles,” which include commitments to providing value for customers, innovation, leadership, encouraging the well-being and development of our people, corporate and personal responsibility, and a long-term orientation.

Chem-Trend’s company culture, which is intertwined with the “Guiding Principles,” drives the organization to deliver exceptional value to its customers through its high standards for conduct. For more information, visit

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